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Standard of Excellence: Dare to Share

We have often discussed the value of working closely with your vendors to the point of making them partners. This strategy makes sense. The closer you are to your vendors, the more you help them, the better vendors they will be, and—most importantly—the better partners they will be. Now let’s […]


DFM 101: PCB Materials

Introduction One of the biggest challenges facing PCB designers is understanding the cost drivers in the PCB manufacturing process. This article is the first in a series that will discuss these cost drivers (from the PCB manufacturer’s perspective) and the design decisions that will impact product reliability. DFM Design for […]

Column, Standard of Excellence

Standard of Excellence: Five Ways to Ensure You Have the Right Military PCB Supplier

With the current shortage of qualified and certified military PCB suppliers, finding one has become more challenging than ever. We once had over 1,500 PCB companies in the U.S., with perhaps one-third of them being mil spec (military specification) qualified, but with about 500 now, there are just a handful. […]